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Between the 22-26th June we are bringing our LinkedIn photo studio bus to Greater Manchester.
Come and get your free headshot from our professional photographer and chat with our LinkedIn profile experts.

Monday 22nd June:
Piccadilly Gardens (8am - 6pm)
Tuesday 23rd June:
Piccadilly Gardens (8am - 10am)
Manchester Metropolitan (11am - 2pm)
Piccadilly Gardens (3.00 - 6pm)
Wednesday 24th June:
Central Library (8am - 10am)
Salford University (11am - 2pm)
Cathedral Gardens / National Football Museum (3pm - 6pm)
Thursday 25th June:
Central Library (8am - 10am)
Manchester University (11am - 1.30pm)
BUPA - Media City (3pm - 6pm)
Friday 26th June:
Central Library (8am - 12pm)
BBC Media City (1.30pm - 6pm)